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Michael ETs Ch3: Cheetara his fantasy Michael meets his next feline alien and breeds her WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including alien transformation, breeding and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don't read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old and alien transformation into humans for sexual encounters. This is the next in a series of feline alien encounters. When I got to work on Monday I transferred the alien data, formulas and plans up onto our secure server. I printed the formulas for the most promising rocket fuels and gave it some detailed analysis. I called in one of my most gifted scientist for designing new energy-burning systems. Latisha has advanced degrees in chemical and combustion engineering and is best suited in education and experience to decipher these alien formulas best porn  . Latisha is an extremely beautiful woman of color. I will not apologize for hiring the smartest and most beautiful female scientists, engineers and administrators. Latisha was one of those eleven's or twelve's on the beauty indicator scale! She had a slim hour glass figure. She carries her C-D cup breasts proudly and challenges anyone that looks too long. Her waist pulls in and her hips flair out capped off by a bodacious butt. My worst days are when she wears her tight jeans! I gave her several formulas and told her she had to show me a plausible prototype as soon as possible. She took the papers from my hand and when we touched her hand lingered. It's been that way with all the females in my company since my coma. They hold me or hug me and go away refreshed. Sometimes they blush or laugh embarrassed or some have bedroom eyes that sparkle. Latisha was all business but still her hand lingered. Her breathing increased and her coal black eyes bore deep into me. I try not to look but saw her nipples push against the blouse she had on. I couldn't help myself and I scanned her body and felt her rising sexual tension. I sensed her moistness and desire. She finally broke contact and softly said, "Michael I won't let you down. I'll have something to show you soon." When she said the last part she laughed almost to break the tension building inside her. "I can't wait to see what you'll have for me next Latisha," I replied continuing the double entendre conversation we appeared to be having. She laughed and turned to walk out of my office but her ass was moving in ways I never saw from her before. She stopped at the doorway and half turned showing me the fullness of her ass and left breast hot nude cams site . She followed my eyes to where I was looking and this time smiled. "I'll have something very promising to show you Michael. Let's plan on Thursday, late in the propulsion lab. Perhaps after everyone has left for the day," she teased and walked away swaying her ass. I took in a deep breath to calm down and buzzed in my private secretary, Angie. I hire the over qualified and along with her administrative skills and engineering degree she was also a para-legal. She stood in my doorway and with her hand on her hip said, "What?" I looked her over and enjoyed the view. Angie smiled because she enjoyed my giving her the twice over. Angie was married and I think she was Italian or Greek. She could easily have been a model for one of those classic ancient goddess statues. She had a beautiful face with well defined cheek bones. Her long black hair cascaded across her shoulders and down her front. She flipped her hair back and pushed her breasts forward. Her cleavage which she liked to show spoke of full firm breasts and a storehouse for rich milk. She wasn't bone thin so her tummy and flared hips held the promise of a warm place to incubate a baby. She had told me her husband and she were trying and I could see a touch of sadness each month she didn't catch. She was popping her hip back and forth and tapping her high heels in boredom. "So what do you want already? Are you done eating me up for breakfast?" I've got work to do!" she said challenging me. Angie gave me a lot of sass as we have developed a very good working relationship. When working closely she was always 'innocently' rubbing side boob or her hips against me even more frequently and longingly since my return from the hospital. She found excuses to run her hands down my back or touch my face while straightening my tie or fluffing my suit before my meeting with vendors. She really cared for me. "What do you want already? I may have to pee soon!" she tossed out at me and started tapping her foot quickly. "Alright already. Either go pee or come over here to behind my desk!" I shot back at her. She walked very slowly across my office letting me drink in all her beauty. She pushed up against me looking at my desk and said, "OK, what already?" Trying to maintain some semblance of business I pointed out designs for fuel injectors and casements to hold the rocket fuel. "I have come into possession of these plans and I want you to take over a project to get each of these designs patented. I also want you to work with our investment lawyers to set up an employee profit sharing that would be funded by the income off these patents. My employees are my most important resource and I want them taken care of and form a lifetime commitment to our company. This will give them an added incentive." Angie looked over the designs then stood facing me and pulled me tight against her firm breasts pushing against my chest. She took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply then lightly on my lips several time. She ran her hands through my hair then kissed me lightly again and again. I was taken off guard and let my empathic abilities flood into her. She pulled me in tighter as her feminine areas were warmed and excited. Taking a deep breath she leaned back and I could see her nipples had become hard. She looked down with me and smiled. Her thighs had captured my hardening cock creeping down my pants leg. Her eyes sparkled and her smile turned devious. She stepped back breaking our contact but leaned in and kissed me again. "Michael you are a wonderful boss but even more importantly you are a generous caring person best amateur porn sites . All of us, your female harem so to speak, love working for you and go out of our way to give you our best. This financial plan will make all of us very wealthy and is too generous. But it shows the quality of your character. I'll get busy with the federal forms which will protect these designs for twenty years. The income from the sales of these components will take all your current people into retirement. I'll let you know how it's going," as she scooped up the designs and walked out. I watched her ass sway as she left. Later that week I walked into the break room and was greeted by a standing ovation. I then had to deal with fifteen or so women hugging and kissing me and wiping tears off their cheeks. With each hug I warmed each female which only made the hugs tighter and last longer. I felt the size and shape of each set of breasts intimately against my chest. Firm nipples poked me as I received kisses and hugs from my married and single engineers. I finally told them loudly, "Break it up and get the hell back to work!" It happened at the close of the business day. Angie came into my doorway late at the end of the day. "Everyone has gone home so it's just you and I left. You may not be aware, you being a male and all, but you really do have a harem here. All we girls share our lives with each other, we share the most intimate things," she said swaying her hips in the doorway. "Is this going anywhere Angie? I'm waiting for your point," I said a little put out. "Well like for example Fiona just told me today at lunch that she missed her period and is certain she is pregnant. She also told me all about what happened at the hospital and how she came to be pregnant." I started to defend myself and Angie 'shooed and hushed' me as she walked behind my desk. "You know my husband and I have been trying to make a baby for some time now. But each month I weep when I get my period. Unknown to him I took a morning before work romp in the bed sample of his cum into work and one of your scientists ran it under the electron microscope and we discovered he didn't have enough little swimmers to get the job done." "Angie I'm very sorry for you but why are you telling me all this?" Instead of answering Angie reached up under her skirt and shortly a pair of red panties reached her ankles. "Michael, I want you to fuck me, right here, right now as I lay across your desk. No kisses, no loving, just raw fill my cunt fucking. I want all your sperm drowning my womb as you pound your cock deep inside me." "I'm breaking my vows so I need to be punished on your cock. Take all your pleasure in my naughty, adulterous cunt and don't stop even if I scream in pain. Now fuck me. You'll find my nasty pussy is all wet and dripping waiting for your cock to fill it up. Don't go easy. I don't deserve or want easy. I'm being a slut here in your office and I want to get fucked and have you breed me. Fiona told me I'm gonna feel the pain and take your punishment. Now fuck me before I loose my nerve!" Angie ordered. She cleared a space on my desk then pulled her skirt up. I saw her dark haired pussy for a brief time until she turned and laid her breasts on my desk and angled her full ass up and back then spread her legs. "Take me like a mare in heat and shove your horse cock deep into my cunt and fuck this slut," she said as she reached back and pulled her ass cheeks open. I'm not a hound dog but when a pussy is presented to me for my pleasure my cock takes control. I stood kicked off my loafers and dropped my pants and boxers and took off my business shirt. If fucking Angie was gonna be a onetime thing I wanted to feel flesh to flesh as I pounded her from behind. I took my cock in my hand and moved up behind Angie. Her hands gripping her ass cheeks had opened up the dark haired lips of her pussy. Each woman's pussy is different and Angie had secondary flaps covering the entrance to her vagina. They were soaking wet and shone in the light of my office. I touched my cockhead to the vestibule of her vagina and gathered her hot pussy juice that was beginning to drip down her inner thighs. Her scent was strong and heady and stirred my loins. I rubbed my long fat cock up and down her hot wet slit from her anus to her swollen clit. Her clitoral pea had come out from under its hood and the whole area pulsed. Angie moaned as my cockhead rubbed her fat clit. "Don't try to please me or make me cum, just fuck me and get your cum down my smutty cunt," she growled. I quickly slapped her full ass multiple times as she moaned, "Yes, yes, yes." Then in one shove I drove my cock into her wet dripping pussy and pushed until my cockhead tapped the bottom of her hot wet oven. I pulled full out then shoved my cock full in again. Angie moaned each time my fat cock pushed her vaginal walls wide open. I fucked her full out and full in for about twelve strokes. I pulled out and watched the big "O" my cock had made of her pussy wink and pulse and leak pussy juice. I grabbed her long dark hair and pulled as I shoved my cock back into her cunt. "Wanna be my slut? Wanna be fucked on my desk like a whore? Then take my fat cock in your now broken cunt. Feel my fat long cock push your cunt open. Feel it hit against your cervix causing you pain and me extreme pleasure. Push your fat ass back at me as my cock fills your cunt over and over," I yelled as I pounded her belly and tits into my desk. I pulled my cock out and slapped my cockhead against her anus. "Not there, not there Michael!" she moaned. "If you're my slut tonight I'll take my pleasure any way I want as long as I fill your naughty, nasty cunt with my hot cum," I growled as I pushed my pussy wet cockhead against her anus until it gave way and her anal ring caressed my cockhead. I gave her no chance to recover and I went balls deep down her ass with my fat cock. Angie tried to shimmy her ass off my cock but I held her ass down on my desk. "Michael you're such as bastard! I didn't want this!" Angie moaned. "Yes you did. You wanted to play the abused reluctant slut so you'd have no guilt over cuckolding your husband. If you wanted tender you'd have not asked to be a slut. Now take your punishment like a good slut and you'll get your reward," I growled as I rode her tight ass around my cock. Angie started moaning and humping her ass back on my cock. Each time I went deep my cockhead rolled over her g-pad from the other side and pushed her clit against the edge of the desk. Her breathing got heavier and heavier and her moaning got louder. I was fucking her ass at a good clip when I felt her ass chute tighten down on my cockshaft and start to pulse. My little private secretary slut was cumming on my cock down her ass. She bit down on her skirt and screamed with her mouth closed. "Hay Angie's husband. Your wife just came with my fat cock down her ass. Now I'm gonna fuck her cunt and spray my cum all over her womb. We can only hope the baby looks like Angie," I said laughing as I slapped her ass over and over. I pulled my cock out of her ass and watched as her anus tried to close. Nope, no luck! I placed my cockhead within her pussy lips and pushed hard. Angie screamed when I bottomed out against her cervix. She moaned each time I thrust my long cock deep and wide. "Oh fuck Michael you're destroying my cunt. My poor husband is just gonna flop around inside me. Fuck me already and get it over. Fuck me and give me a baby!" You know I only hired females into my company so when I looked up I saw my female security guard standing in the doorway to my office. I hired a Valkyrie looking blonde x-FBI agent for our internal security needs and to accompany me on travel if needed. She was watching me fuck Angie. She had a hand down into her uniform pants and under her white security blouse. Ellika, (it means 'One who cannot be defeated' in Old Norse), had her fingers flying under her loosened pants. Her hand was fem-handling her breasts under her blouse and her face was starting to turn beet red. I coughed and she looked up and I put a finger to my lips best porn-games list . She grabbed her tie and shoved it into her mouth then shook wildly. She leaned forward then back as her hand continued to abuse her pussy. I continued to pound Angie so my hot flesh to her ass flesh and her moaning made enough noise to cover Ellika's climax. I pulled my long cock out of that warm wet oven and slapped Angie's lower back. Ellika stared at my cock then looked up at me. I made the universal 'call me' sign and she smiled brightly and nodded 'Yes'. She pulled her hand out of her pants and waved it in my direction then put her fingers in her mouth and cleaned them of her pussy juice. She then turned and walked away. I shoved my cock back into Angie's pussy then pulled on her long black hair until she had to rise up to ease the pain. I reached around and pulled her blouse out of her skit and slipped my hand onto her bra. She moaned when I slid it inside her D-cup and pinched her hard fat nipple. My other hand snuck under her skirt and found her pussy. I pinched her swollen fat clit then rubbed it quickly. "Cum for me Angie. Cum like a slut on a fat cock and I'll spray your cunt with baby cum. Ask for my cum Angie, beg for my hot thick load to knock you up. Beg Angie, beg!" I growled. "Fuck me Michael like a slut! Fill my cunt with your thick cum. Fuck me deep while I cum on your fat long cock just like a street slut. Oh Michael I'm fucking cumming, I'm fucking CUUMMMMIIIINNGG!" As her pussy clamped down on my cock and started pulsing I pulled on her clit and her hair and she thrashed through a powerful climax. My cockhead exploded with five, six, seven bursts of hot thick cum. I pushed her hips against the desk and drove my cock in deep. My cum hit her cervix and bathed my cockhead with its warmth. I pulled back and tapped her cervix over and over. Angie screamed once more and her hot pussy juices sprayed back and wet my crotch. Hot juice rolled down my balls and dripped down onto my office floor. Her pussy lips were covered in white froth as warm honey continued to run out of her pussy and down her shaking thighs. I pushed her down onto my desk again and spanked her ass until it turned red again. I moved my still hard cock slowly back and forth in her pussy as her breathing slowly came under control. I pulled back and out and the "O" of her pussy was pulsing and my cum was dripping out. Angie quickly slid a hand under herself and cupped her swollen wet pussy lips to keep from leaking my cum all over her skirt or my desk. I walked to the other side of my desk and pulled Angie's hair and her face rose off the desk. My cock was waiting. "Clean my cock slut," I growled and pushed my cockhead against her red lipsticked lips. She moaned and my fat cock forced her lips open and I slid across her tongue. She took half my cock in her mouth and licked it and sucked it getting that part clean. Her other hand grabbed the bottom of my thick shaft and she slid her lips up and down licking and sucking as she went. She did a decent job so I petted her head and said, "Good slut!" "Fuck you Michael, fuck you! All I wanted was to have your baby not all this drama. My ass and pussy hurts and they'll hurt driving home. Fuck you came so much my pussy is filled. I had no idea you'd fuck me like that," she moaned. "Angie if you had really asked Fiona how she became pregnant you would have know what to expect. Shame on you for not getting all the details. I expect better of you. If you want tender loving and another dose of baby butter stay late tomorrow and meet me in the executive conference room. I'm gonna go clean up in my private suite. I suggest you go do the same. I'll wait for you and we can walk out together. Just one thing. Leave your panties on my desk." Friday was a buzz of activity. Angie was back to being my prim and proper executive assistant. When I opened my desk drawer for a pen her red panties were there. My drawer was fragrant with the aroma of her pussy. I brought the panties to my face and took a deep breath. Just then Fiona walked by and stopped at my doorway. "I see Angie made use of your unique skills. I'd like to sneak under your desk right now and suck you off. Give me a buzz when you have that need and I'll come by for a special meeting," she said smiling then walked away. I looked up later and Angie stood in my doorway. She looked really hot. Her black leather skirt was just a little too tight and her blouse was silky and see-through but her dark nipples were hiding behind two silk blouse pockets. Too many buttons where open and her cleavage was plain to see. "I want to remind you that I'm taking off early like everyone else. I'm taking my husband away for the weekend to make a baby. I feel sorry for him that he shoots blanks. By the way the executive conference room is booked today at 12:30pm. That should be enough time for everyone to be done with work and have gone home. I'll bring my steno pad to take meeting notes. See you then. Oh by the way Fiona said she had a special issue to discuss with you soon. She just casually mentioned she had just been to 'Victoria Secrets'. Your harem fems just share all kinds of information. See you at 12:30 Michael," Angie said dripping honey. About 12:00pm I went around the offices and labs and told everyone to "Go the hell home since Friday was a half day. So make your plans and leave early." Most of my engineers went past my door and threw me a kiss goodbye. It soon got very quiet and then my phone buzzed from the conference room. I picked it up and a very sultry voice reminded me my meeting was starting.